Mr & Mrs Fox Hosts Its First “Beer vs Wine Dinner”

Mr & Mrs Fox is excited to announce that they are hosting their very first “Beer vs Wine Dinner” on 30 March 2017, where guests are invited to join Swire Hotels & Restaurants’ Director of Wine, Yvonne Cheung and her sommeliers alongside a team of passionate brewers to find out which refined beverage, wine or beer, best compliments the signature dishes at Mr & Mrs Fox.

Swire Restaurants has always been dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences, and known as the playful neighbourhood hangout, Mr & Mrs Fox is taking the lead in hosting fun and engaging events one after another. In this special evening, a competition will run for five rounds as wine and beer go head-to-head on each of the dishes from the signature tasting menu while experts introduce the different pairings of both wine and beer. The five-course dinner starts with Hokkaido Scallop-Oyster Ceviche and Gemelli Pasta Puttanesca, followed by Grilled Balinese Snapper and 10 oz Rib Eye as main, and the notorious Banana Baked Alaska for a flaming finale. The gourmet meal paired with five glasses of wine and five beer samplers is priced at HK$650+10% per person.

“We love our beers as much as we love our wines here at Mr & Mrs Fox,” says Peter Murray, Restaurant Manager of Mr & Mrs Fox. “Through the years, we’ve witnessed the craft beer market picking up its pace and giving room to a huge advancement in beer pairing. It would be great to introduce to our guests the unique abilities of each beverage and give them a taste first-hand.”

The notion that wine is the perfect pairing for a fine meal will be challenged by a group of beer connoisseurs who are keen on proving that beer goes with food just as well. Joining hands with Mr & Mrs Fox on this event is Hong Kong’s very own Moonzen Brewery and German beer supplier, Wieninger Breweries, with a goal to offer a fun and interactive dining experience while educating guests on the art of food pairing.

“Many people don’t realize that beer can be a great pairing to a variety of foods, aside from chicken wings and burgers. There are certain types of food that beer can pair better with than wine due to the different flavour occurrences in the beer,” explains Ladislao Raphael, Founder and Head Brewer of Moonzen Brewery, “for example, deep fried foods, spicy dishes, and even very stinky cheeses.”

Derek Li, Sommelier of Mr & Mrs Fox, on the other hand, seems confident in winning the competition with his wine pairings. “The most special thing about the wines featured in this dinner is the exclusivity of our selection. Guests will be able to have a taste of wines that are out of the ordinary, including those produced in unexpected countries, such as Turkey and Syria” he explains.

This is the perfect event for wine and beer lovers to engage in a challenge of their taste buds while also learning a bit more about food pairing. It promises to be an enjoyable meal and a fun exploration.